Fast Painting in Russafa: 3rd Prize

Our neighbourhood in Valencia, Russafa, was host to a celebration of the arts on the weekend called Russafart. It included open studios (unfortunately mine was too spare to participate this year), tours of galleries, performances, concerts, and a painting contest. I managed to win third prize in the contest.

This is only the second year Russafart has run. I met the gallery owner who started it and can say it was no small feat to pull off, but very much worthwhile. It's exciting to live in a neighbourhood that is not only culturally diverse and down to earth, but creative.  

Check out the photos and videos below.

There was love for us street painters like I'd never experienced before. Here a family looks on at me. For most of the five hours I was out there, I had a crowd around me, and so did the other painters.

A TV station interviews me!

A nice shot of Russafa as you approach the market

Oriana studies a studio.

Lost in a sea of people as I wait to accept my award.

That's my piece on the wall.

Another interview.


Finally, a small article in Globedia.


  1. No sabia yo lo de Russafart. Me alegro!
    (la web y el blog muy chulos)


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