Fast Painting in Sot de Chera

This Sunday I participated in the 22nd Annual Fast Painting Contest in the village of Sot de Chera, in the interior of the province of Valencia, about 80 km from Valencia city. It was my third time participating in the extremely competitive contest, and I imagine one of the longest running in Spain. I've never won a prize but I've managed the two previous times to sell my work.

This is the view into Sot de Chera. The town in the distance is Chulilla, another beautiful village.

There are plenty of wild fig trees in the mountains and we always manage to stop to pick some, though this year they weren't quite ready yet. The stop is a good excuse to rest the stomach from the windy road too.


There I am hiding in a corner, keeping out of the sun, and babysitting the stroller.

And the final piece. Acrylic on panel, 100cm x 81cm.