September 7, 2011

Fast Painting in Alcúdia de Crespins

Before leaving for Canada this weekend, I managed to squeeze in one last painting contest, this time in the town of L'Alcúdia de Crespins, a forty-minute drive out of Valencia.  The contest started at 9 am and finished at 1 pm, so it was fast, more than usual.  I painted a small pedestrianized street that had been decorated for the coming town festival.  Most towns in Spain take a week off at some point in the year to simply to party.  The residents of the street were all out and in a good mood, and very happy to have me on their street, even if I did manage to drip a lot of paint over it.  I exchanged contact information with a bunch rowdy old timers who wanted to commission me for a portrait.

Since they took a photo of me for their festival catalogue, I took one of them for my blog.

With my good friend Pilar, who won fifth prize.  For an amazing time-lag video of her completing her painting, check out this on YouTube.

My piece picked up second prize.