November 30, 2011

Holiday Show at the Minarovich Gallery

Here are two pieces I shipped to Elora yesterday, to be shown in a holiday group show at the arts centre.

 Electric Night, 18" x 18", acrylic, collage, and bitumen on canvas.

The Search for Inspiration, 18" x 18", acrylic and collage on panel.

November 17, 2011

That Wraps Up Red Brick

I took down my show at the Red Brick Café on Sunday. It was a huge personal success.

It was the first time I’d shown in Guelph, my hometown, and I was all nerves. I would say that indifference is the worst response an artist can get, but I received many warm and encouraging emails and comments in my guestbook. I had a few galleries contact me and I sold many more paintings than I thought I would.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the opening or went in to the see the paintings on another occasion. I also want to thank Shelley, Jessica, and the staff at the Red Brick for providing the space and being helpful throughout. Aitana, my mom, and my neighbours were shameless promoters. I enjoy the creation side but not the promotion, so your work was essential. I also found my postcard displayed in all kinds of places I had not put it, and mention of the show in the Guelph Mercury and K-W Record. Whoever was responsible, thanks!

Finally, my gratitude goes out to my buyers, in alphabetical order: A and T, A and P, A, C, J, J, K, M, M, V, and W. All the money will go back into the art - into materials, classes, and the upkeep of my studio. Thanks for keeping me going.

So what’s next? I’ll be showing about 10 paintings, though most of them not new, in December in Toronto at the Oakwood Library. I will also have a few paintings in a holiday group show in the Minarovich Gallery at the Elora Centre for the Arts, December 8 - 22, and pieces in the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre Sales and Rental Shop.

From March 16 to April 14, 2012 I have a solo exhibition slated at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, and in May I will have limited-edition prints showing in a group show at Imprevisual Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

As for the Red Brick, make sure to pop and see the next show of paintings by Nancy Farrell. Her work's excellent.

November 11, 2011

Switch Up at the Red Brick and Two Pieces for the Mac Stew

 "Torontonian in Guelph," 100 x 81cm.  SOLD.  I swapped this piece at the Red Brick Café...

...for this piece, "The Ward #3," acrylic on panel, 100 x 81cm.

And I rushed these pieces in to the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre's Art Rental and Sales on time for the gallery's Beyond the Frame Auction.  "A Canadian Corner," mixed media on panel, 116 x 89cm.

"Pedestrian," mixed media on panel, 116 x 73cm.

November 8, 2011

Halloween Paint Off

It's been a busy fall.  I emptied my camera the other day and found these images from Halloween, always an exciting moment in our neighbourhood.

Our warty knucklehead pumpkin.

My witches.  I love this picture.

Our neighbours' creative costumes and decor.

More neighbours.

This house got my first prize.

And a shot of me painting outdoors, in the dark and cold as part of Guelph's second Fourth Friday.