Switch Up at the Red Brick and Two Pieces for the Mac Stew

 "Torontonian in Guelph," 100 x 81cm.  SOLD.  I swapped this piece at the Red Brick Café...

...for this piece, "The Ward #3," acrylic on panel, 100 x 81cm.

And I rushed these pieces in to the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre's Art Rental and Sales on time for the gallery's Beyond the Frame Auction.  "A Canadian Corner," mixed media on panel, 116 x 89cm.

"Pedestrian," mixed media on panel, 116 x 73cm.


  1. Great work. What about "City Walkers," the piece that you swapped for Ward 2?

  2. I love the compressed perspective of Ward #3. And the greens are great!


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