Art in Public Places

Last week I drove eight paintings to the Township of Centre Wellington's Civic Centre in Elora and presented the work to the members of the township's council.  Fellow artist Joan Hug-Valeriote also talked about a beautiful quilt she'd hung to commemorate Black History Month.

Our presentations were only a few minutes, but happened at the start of the session with cameras of the local television station Cogeco rolling and the Fergus-Elora Express newspaper in attendance.  The mayor and councillors asked us questions and showed a lot of interest.  I have to hand it to the township for putting art so prominently on the agenda.

If you're in Elora, pop into 1 MacDonald Square and let me know what you make of the work.

Here's a brief announcement, with some sort of an artist's statement, on the Guelph Arts Council's website.

Thanks to the Elora Arts Council for inviting me to do this.


  1. Your artist's statement on the Guelph Arts website really works. Especially your mentioning the influence of Dadaist collage and the American abstract expressionists. Also on the Guelph Arts site, the sample Fergus painting rocks. Good work.


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