Strata Gallery and the Guelph Arts Council

I'm happy to announce that I am now represented in Elora, Fergus, and the rest of Centre Wellington by Strata Gallery in Elora.  Strata has recently relocated to a beautiful space at 62 Metcalfe Street, on Elora's main drag.

On Friday the gallery opens a show of paintings by Tina Newlove.  From the very quick peek I got of them yesterday at the gallery, they look stunning.  And if all goes well, if I can pull it off this last week before we leave for Valencia, I should have a piece or two hanging, too.

Also, I finally managed to get my butt downtown to the Guelph Arts Council last week and make myself a member.  I look forward to working with the council and perhaps using it as an excuse to get out of my head every so often and give something back to the community.