Fast Painting in Russafa

A five minute walk around the corner from our apartment in Valencia, I had a contest to participate in on Saturday. Which was weird, and tiring, and fun - performing in front of so many people I say hi to on a regular basis.

Here was my setup before getting going, in front of my favourite curated video store, The Underground (see their website I created a few years back).

Note the signature ironing board. I may just have to start signing my pieces with an icon of it, so much does everyone comment.

The finished work. I don't know, I don't know... Too postcardish? Too overpainted in parts?

First prize.



No luck at the contest, but I did manage to sell a print or two at an opening of a show of lithographs on Friday, held at Imprevisual Gallery. The opening and contest were part of a very creative, very youthful festival of art in the neighbourhood of Russafa, Valencia.

Announcing the opening. Alejandro, speaking, organized the show of prints. Aristides, behind him, organized the festival. Both are not only amazing artists but pivots in the community.


  1. Great pictures and stories. How about a picture of your lithograph as well?

  2. I don't think it's over-painted. You've got your sharper edges and detail at the focal area (the tower) only, which is fine; the rest of the picture is very loose, with softer edges.

    When I first looked at the painting, I thought the middle-ground tree trunks were abstract slashes; I had to sort out in my head that they were trees. So, I think you could add a bit of modelling to the dark trees.


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