First Time at TOAE

My first Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition was a huge personal success. I chatted with hundreds of people, handed out at least a thousand cards, met many inspiring and supportive artists, and sold well, well beyond my expectations. Thanks to everyone who came out, both old and new friends! Hope to see you again next year in the same place.

Next Saturday, July 14, I'll be in Guelph at Art on the Street with, hopefully, a little bit of new work.

Inside my tent. It was a lot of work finding a professional canopy, making a hanging system with my dad at his factory, preparing the paintings, and setting up for the first time in terrible heat on Friday, but we pulled it off. I couldn't have done it without a lot of help from friends and family. 

The view from city hall.

My setup is the first in the foreground. I was lucky to get a spot by the water without other booths hemming me in, and to have a slight breeze pass through for most of the weekend.


  1. Hey Ivano, congrats! I'm glad it worked out well. You must have been drenched in sweat after setting up on Friday. Sweat equity, literally. :-)

  2. My work at TOAE was reviewed briefly on the Dilettante's Diary,


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