September 19, 2012

Queen West Art Crawl - Thank You!

This weekend I participated in the Queen West Art Crawl Show and Sale in beautiful Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Toronto. The show was a huge success thanks to the ever growing community of supporters around me.

It wouldn't have been possible, first and foremost, without the help of my amor, Aitana, who lugged a lot of heavy gear many trips beside me over the 300m stretch from the parking lot to my booth site - despite her 7 months of pregnancy! I'm awed.

M's place a few blocks away, where we could put O down for a nap, was a lifesaver, as were the many generous vendors who took time from visitors to help with O. Friends, as always, came around to help, too.

Outdoor art shows might seem like moneymaking ventures but they're actually community events driven by volunteers and a spirit of concern for keeping art accessible. I'd like to thank the organizers for all their long, hard work. I know a lot happens behind the scenes and goes unacknowledged. Also thanks to the volunteers, who helped with a lot of un-fun stuff like parking and carrying art. And the many local sponsors - merci.

Of course shows wouldn't be shows without an audience. I was amazed at the number of people that came out. I had many thought-provoking discussions about the creative life in my tent and even got fed free popcorn. I didn't feel for a second I was selling, even if I did happen to do a bit of that. Thanks to you buyers. You keep the paint flowing and my studio heated.

And that does it for outdoor shows this summer. It was a blast. Until next year!

September 10, 2012

Cabbagetown: Thanks!

Vendors who entertained our daughter for hours. Stampedes of art enthusiasts and at least a few dog shows of dogs. The smiling parade of organizers that stopped at my booth to award me 2nd prize. Free coffee and muffins. One of my biggest supporters, my aunt, who has made it out to almost all of my shows, no matter how far from her home. Torrential rain on Saturday morning, which collapsed some canopies. Friends who stopped in, including some who had my work packed up and my tent disassembled before I got back from the washroom at the end of the day! Finally all the new people I met - artists, fans, organizers, collectors... I delivered some pieces and had the privilege to see some breathtaking art in homes. This is how I'll remember the weekend in Cabbagetown.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the time a success.

September 6, 2012

Final Touches for Cabbagetown

Just putting the final touches on a painting or two before the Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts. I'm looking forward to meeting new faces and taking in again, after a hiatus of a few years, all the great music, food, and activities of the weekend.

Unfortunately I don't have a booth number (spots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, for which my rugby days should serve well) but I'll be in Riverdale Park, the one with the urban farm. It isn't huge so you shouldn't have a lot of difficulty finding me. Look out for the big dude, the small woman with the big belly, and the little goofball with the big exuberance.

Here's a sneak peak of some of some new work I'll have up.

"Behind Bloor"
32"h x 39"w
Mixed media on panel

"Curb Appeal"
32"h x 39"w
Mixed media on panel

"Laneway Totems"
39"h x 32"w
Mixed media on panel

"The Ward No. 5"
15"h x 15"w
Mixed media on panel

"Victor Jara Lane 1"
32"h x 39"w
Mixed media on panel

"Victor Jara Lane 2"
32"h x 39"w
Mixed media on panel

September 2, 2012

Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts

I was in the Toronto the other day and picked up a copy of Now, with an ad for the fourth of my summertime outdoor art shows this year, the Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts. For you who don't know Cabbagetown, it's in Toronto just east of Yonge St., sandwiched between Regent Park and Rosedale. I used to live in the area an can't wait to revisit it.

I'll be there from this Friday, Sept. 7, until Sunday. Hope to see you out!

I'm scrambling to finish up work but promise to post images shortly.