Cabbagetown: Thanks!

Vendors who entertained our daughter for hours. Stampedes of art enthusiasts and at least a few dog shows of dogs. The smiling parade of organizers that stopped at my booth to award me 2nd prize. Free coffee and muffins. One of my biggest supporters, my aunt, who has made it out to almost all of my shows, no matter how far from her home. Torrential rain on Saturday morning, which collapsed some canopies. Friends who stopped in, including some who had my work packed up and my tent disassembled before I got back from the washroom at the end of the day! Finally all the new people I met - artists, fans, organizers, collectors... I delivered some pieces and had the privilege to see some breathtaking art in homes. This is how I'll remember the weekend in Cabbagetown.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the time a success.