Queen West Art Crawl - Thank You!

This weekend I participated in the Queen West Art Crawl Show and Sale in beautiful Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Toronto. The show was a huge success thanks to the ever growing community of supporters around me.

It wouldn't have been possible, first and foremost, without the help of my amor, Aitana, who lugged a lot of heavy gear many trips beside me over the 300m stretch from the parking lot to my booth site - despite her 7 months of pregnancy! I'm awed.

M's place a few blocks away, where we could put O down for a nap, was a lifesaver, as were the many generous vendors who took time from visitors to help with O. Friends, as always, came around to help, too.

Outdoor art shows might seem like moneymaking ventures but they're actually community events driven by volunteers and a spirit of concern for keeping art accessible. I'd like to thank the organizers for all their long, hard work. I know a lot happens behind the scenes and goes unacknowledged. Also thanks to the volunteers, who helped with a lot of un-fun stuff like parking and carrying art. And the many local sponsors - merci.

Of course shows wouldn't be shows without an audience. I was amazed at the number of people that came out. I had many thought-provoking discussions about the creative life in my tent and even got fed free popcorn. I didn't feel for a second I was selling, even if I did happen to do a bit of that. Thanks to you buyers. You keep the paint flowing and my studio heated.

And that does it for outdoor shows this summer. It was a blast. Until next year!