The Art of Toronto Streetcars

Yonge Street Magazine interviewed me and a few other artists on our thoughts about Toronto streetcars, including the new ones the city has just rolled out:

The cover image - of Gerrard and Broadview - is mine.

Aesthetically, which do you prefer?



  1. It's hard to say -- the new model looks more like a train than a streetcar. I guess I have an old-fashioned bent. :) Your painting in the Yonge Street mag has a gritty beauty; congrats on getting the cover image! Very good to have for your portfolio.

  2. I am also old-fashioned in terms of aesthetics, but I bet you can fit more people, get them in and out faster, and let them ride more comfortably in the new street cars. I think they will be a hit. They just need some time.


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