Mini-Show at TheMuseum

I brought five pieces in for a mini-show at TheMuseum in downtown Kitchener yesterday. I'm happy to have the opportunity to show in this fun child-friendly, innovative space, which will surprise you if you haven't visited it. Laurel, the Director of Programs and Exhibits, has amazing energy and ideas.

My work will be up until Feb. 18.

Quickly setting up. I say quick because Gustavo, the hanger, had the paintings hung and ready to go before I'd unpacked them.

One of the pieces I brought in. "Counterglow," 40"x30" mixed media on panel.

And another. "Anticipating 10," 36"x48" mixed media on panel.


  1. Good looking space and paintings. Are these pieces of Guelph, around your neighourhood? Anticipating 10 is fresh, achieving depth without the typical thrusting linear perspective of many urban landscapes.

  2. Thanks Bob. The second is Guelph with liberal modifications, and the first Hamilton. I agree that a lot of cityscapes can be made crude with perspective tricks and special effects. My Spanish friends call it "efectismo." To me every piece has a natural character, mood, life of its own, but to bring it can be an amorphous and frustrating task. You work and work the piece and then something just clicks that makes it feel right for what it is.


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