The Brush Off was Crazy

A few shots of the action on Saturday at TheMuseum in Kitchener. For a play-by-play recap, the museum blog has a great post with more photos, including some of the work. I had an incredible  time. So much in fact it's taken me until today, Monday, to come down from the adrenaline rush and feel normal again.

I'd like to thank the staff for their very evident organizational skills and hard work, the sponsors for supporting the night, and of course the audience, for their overwhelming enthusiasm. I had no idea there was that much love for art in the area!

The first round was split into two. I went second, meaning I got a chance to snap this and, as a huge crowd swarmed and the artists advanced strongly into their pieces, to wonder just what the hell I'd gotten into.

Here I am getting going, trying to steady my hand from the jitters and sweating in my heavy coveralls.

Each round was half an hour, and while working people circled and cast votes for their favourite artist of the round. Unlike some artists who winged their pieces from memory, I wimped  out and painted from reference photos.

We had our baby with us. This must have been taken from the second floor where there was a good nook for breastfeeding.

On the podium, honoured to be up there not only beside the talented Meredith Blackmore and Jennifer Gough, but everyone.


  1. Congrats! It was a blast painting with you and watching your phenomenal style and technique! Amazing job on a crazy night! Ann

    1. Thanks Ann. It was great painting with you as well.

  2. I took a look at the photos on Facebook -- what an event! Looks like you had more room than at the Hamilton one last fall. Congrats!


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