From Eric Tardif

One of the things I like most about the art shows I do is meeting fellow artists and learning about their art.  I try to make a trade at every show.

At the Artist Project in Toronto recently, I was fortunate to be neighboured with Eric Tardif, a seasoned sculptor from Gatineau, Quebec.  In exchange for a small painting, he gave me this elegant piece of a bird in wood.  I have no idea how he made it, but the simplicity and abstract nature of it struck me immediately.  It reminded me of a classical musical instrument, something out of East Asia.

Canada is awash in naturalistic depictions, but except for some notable works by Native Americans I haven't seen a lot that manages to transport you to nature, or capture a moment in it, an experience many of us have had, in quite the same way, with so few lines and fussing.  I look at the sculpture and think of the birds I have seen and heard flapping on the lakes of Algonquin in a canoe, or less idealistically the geese in the river by my house, seen out of the corner of my eyes as I drive by.

Merci Eric!


  1. I second what you've said about Tardiff: his work unlocks a key into the viewer's imagination in a way that straight representational (or even semi-abstract) painting doesn't.


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