Back from Ottawa

Long trip to Ottawa this weekend for the New Art Festival, but well worth it.

We got a chance to tour parliament and for some reason, speak Italian with a number of visitors from Italy.  Also, of course, French, and even some Spanish.  You have to love Ottawa's bilingualism and international flare.

In the Byward Market, we supped on hearty meals of Canadian fare - including local beer - at a reasonable price on busy outdoor terraces.

As for the festival, Saturday's weather was unbeatable.  Thousands came out.  I met dozens of people, had great chats about the importance of art, and sold a half dozen paintings.  I also won an award for best 2-D work - a tremendous honour for the first time with my art in Ottawa.

Sunday was wet but still surprisingly well attended, with folks coming out in raincoats and with umbrellas and perhaps lingering even longer under the cover of artists' booths.

Thanks to everyone who visited, the festival organizers, the people who invited us to their houses for coffee and even supper, the people who brought us coffee, fellow artists, and anyone else I might be missing.

For more info on prizes and their winners, click here.