In the dead of winter...

In the dead of winter, when I long for sun and life and start losing perspective, these shots of my neighbour's garden could just be the reminder I'll need to get me back on track.

Here he is rounding up wasps with his bare hands.

Hard to tell from the image but a few of those tomatoes are the size of small cantaloups.

High up and out of reach, teasing the racoons.

The wiry pergola is now a giant parasol.

Tied up into dreadlocks.

And while I'm all earthy and farmer, I was thrilled to have attended a debate with Michael Pollan on the weekend. Lots of tough questions that he answered with genuine concern and honesty, the same power of explanation I've experienced in his books. I find the mainstream and even liberal media quick to criticize Pollan - perhaps because he's so articulate and an easy target - but for me he's much more than the "foodie" label used to dismiss his arguments.