New order of panels

School's back in and I'm looking forward to cracking this new order of blank panels, including a few juicy 48"x60"s.


  1. Cool. I've been buying panels this year from Wyndham Art Supplies. I think you told me that Day & Night Woodworking (in T.O.) sells them 50% lower than Wyndham. Oh, well. Good enough for now. Good luck with the 48x60s!

    1. Yeah, Night and Day. They work well but are only worth the trip in if you're going to go large and en masse. How goes the MS?

  2. Sharon Wadsworth-SmithSeptember 5, 2013 at 8:12 AM

    Verra Cool, I am still working on canvas but since your class I have been working larger and with more palette knives and texture. Still have not found the flat plaster knives you use. Must check Lee Valley tools.


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