Here's a painting I sold on the weekend out of my home, as part of the Guelph Studio Tour.  

It's 48" x 60" on panel, mixed media.  Lots of people ask me what I mean exactly by mixed media.  Anything beyond standard paint and gesso, basically.  This piece includes a shopping list that would be too long for a small label: regular acrylic paint, acrylic spray paint, paint I made out of rust dust and walnut stain, something called bitumen of Judea, sawdust, bits of archival tissue paper, and collage using quality magazine pages - all applied in a way that will maintain the archival quality of the work.

I called the painting "Interflorescence," a word I made up but suggests a blossoming or flowering in between or behind other things, somewhere unexpected.  (It just dawned on me that the solo show I have scheduled for November-December at Strata Gallery I've titled "Serendipitous Encounters" - it seems I'm all about seizing the unpredictable these days).

I like to keep the figures in my work slightly enigmatic, so with the potential to create stories around them, but if I had to say something about this one I'd say he or she (the gender is ambiguous) has been caught unawares by the sudden light and colour of this most sexy of places, and has paused for a moment to register the action.

The light coming in is odd, something I only noticed after I had finished the piece.  The patchiness hints at a struggle in the sky between the sun and clouds, between lively or appealing and blasé.  Also, it's hard to notice in this shrunken digital reproduction but a subtle ring of light, from the sky to the pavement, arcs around the figure.  That was a happy accident.