Another successful TOAE

Good times at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition on the weekend, though a serious urge to sleep now.  The weather and turnout couldn't have been better.  Tonnes of hugs and help from old pals (thanks especially to A & R & J, M & C & E), and though I wasn't supposed to see my family, they couldn't resist a surprise visit on Friday.  I feel fortunate to be so supported.

I also had many a great chat with new friends and old acquaintances, found spots for a bunch of paintings, and was presented with many promising opportunities, including a few teaching gigs.  The staff of TOAE were amazing in making the weekend run smoothly and communicating with us artists throughout the buildup to it.  Kudos to the team!

Of course at a show like this, with thousands of people coming through, you get every comment in the world.  My favourite was from a small woman who looked to be in her 90s.  "You're a good drawer but your colours are vile, man."

Here's an image, courtesy of Olga Oreshnya

Until next time!