Art on the Street Plein Air

A week ago was Art in the Street in Guelph and since I wasn't participating as a vendor this year, I set up instead with my easel and paints and painted a small piece on location, which after a long hiatus of work outdoors, felt like the Tin Man getting a squirt of oil.

Here I am, looking down Quebec Street to the crowded fair.

And here people gather.  A good crowd of tai chi-ers showed up to do their thing.

I worked from 9 am to 1 pm, about as long as I could bare in the open sun.  18" x 24", acrylic and collage on board.

Strategies I used: way less people than the original, a narrower street and a tilt to it to give it more interest, exaggeration of colours to get away from all the greys in the original and to convey a sense of summer warmth.



  1. Wonderful idea and wonderful piece Ivano. Your Alibon painting continuous to hang in our dining room and delight visitors when they recognize the location. Guelph is very fortunate to have you!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Very kind of you.


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