Here, officially, is my first sculpture, at least one I feel I can show.

It's the fruit of about a year of self-teaching and many more of toying with metal and tools, going back to my early teens when I'd go into the factory on weekends with my dad to keep him company. Let's hope it's the first of many to come?

Metal is tricky. You have to work with its inherent qualities, as you do with any artistic medium (see my recent struggles with watercolour), but also pour in a lot of brute force. When you heat it, you have to respect that glowing, bleary orange surface, as innocent as it may seem at times, and take care not to brand yourself, as I've done a few times already. And you have to find ways to cope with the smell, the noise, and the flying sparks, in other words read lots of Charles Dickens or Emile Zola to realize you don't have it so bad in comparison.

This sculpture is made from a single piece of pipe. It was heated many times in a forge, hammered into shape on an anvil, cut and smoothed with a grinder, and welded in various spots with a MIG welder. The base is a solid piece of refurbished oak I fished out of a dumpster behind a woodworking shop.

7" x 7" x 30"
Forged and welded steel on an oak base


  1. awesome! ... kind of reminds me of the el caminante in vitorria, but sidestepping, so ... apt.

  2. Yeah, I can see the resemblance, just way smaller. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. There's a lot of movement suggested in this piece. Makes me think of alternative titles like "Undulation" or "Wave Movement."


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