The Wall

Here out of the studio today is the fourth large piece now in my ongoing fascination with ravines, those crossover zones in cities where urban underbellies and not particularly controlled or desired vegetation come together.

In this scene you have a geometric slab of concrete connecting with organic nature (or at least something that symbolizes it) and what looks like a path humans have created between them. You have the rascals of both worlds, graffiti and weeds, mediated by a path that probably shouldn't be there.

The right place to get around is on the road that the concrete supports above. It's like sidewalks that meet at 90 degrees but no one uses because people have made a more sensical path that shortcuts the corner. Like here.

In other words, there's top-down urban planning, bylaws, and civilization and then bottom-up human design that emerges organically with experience, a kind of natural law. Paths work with and around the weeds and contours of the land, while hard lines and heavy ramparts put it in a container and push it away.

My significant other says this is one of my most punk pieces yet. Oi!

"The Wall"
Acrylic mixed media (ash, spray paint, nogalin dye, collage, soft pastel) on panel
36" x 36"