Tossal and Robador in Watercolour

In preparation for a presentation and workshop for the Toronto Watercolour Society in February, I've been working in the watery medium for the past month or so. Actually, working makes it sound simple. Watercolour bleeds and leaks and weeps. It has to be worked with on its own terms, not forced with a heavy hand, and so the work has been a struggle in relinquishing control and becoming one with the Force.

Here are a pair of small pieces that didn't get trashed, both drawn from my recent travels to Spain. I'm not entirely happy with them (I know, it's bad form to admit that about your own work) but I am happy they're heading in a direction I like.

"Plaza Tossal"
11" x 15"
Watercolour on paper

"Carrer Robador"
11" x 15"
Watercolour on paper


  1. You are being way to hard on yourself. You have kept your personal integrity despite changing mediums. We can totally tell this is your work. It is fresh and wonderful. Well done!

    1. Hi Noella! Very kind of you. And might I add, very teacherly :)


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