So here's another one I've been fluffing my feathers over for a bit, not realizing it had already hatched.

More noire than usual?  More surrealist?  Psychedelic?

Strangely, I'm still trying to decipher it.  Which I think we can see as a good thing, exciting even.  Visually it's not an easily verbalizable thesis or argument I want but a new, complex, meaningful emotion, more song or poem than essay or speech.

What I'll say is I was thinking a lot about fatherhood and what makes a good and a bad father while working alongside my daughter and incorporating some of her spectacular geometric drawings into the piece.

I guess the title, corvée, the tax of indentured labour in medieval Europe, isn't entirely accurate now that I've quelled what I should've expected would be indignation from a seven year old who felt, rightly, I was ripping her off by not compensating her for her efforts.  You'll be happy to know that after some hard bargaining up and down we settled on the amount of $5 from the proceeds of any painting I sell with her work in it.

Mixed media on panel
36" x 36"