Femina distenta

We get derailed, thrown off course, counterfeited.  And every so often we need grand correctives to bring us back.

In the story of Noah's Ark the people have become evil and cruel, so god sends them a flood in order to start from scratch.

In Marx, the great enemy of being is having.  Money demands more of itself and pushes us out of the picture.  In Ruskin, the machines zap our souls.  And in Freud, civilization in the form of ego and superego divide us from our primordial id.

I'm partial to the Nietzschean view: our real metaphysical destiny lies in art not in morality.

This great storyline about authenticity runs deep, driving religion, politics, health, and art.

So went the casual thinking in my head while I banged, twisted, and welded into form this latest sculpture, just on time for International Women's Day.

"Femina distenta"
11" x 4.5" x 33"
Forged, painted, and welded steel

"Femina distenta" is Latin for overextended woman and refers to the odd limbo-like curvature of the back.  It's an unnatural pose, a more defined and rigid top placed over a swirling, organic bottom.

I think it's my way of saying we're evolving in strange ways, overshooting homo erectus.