Here's the street we've so far become most accustomed to in our brief time in Florence, or at least a short stretch of it that runs downhill from our apartment to the kids' school and the amenities of the Le Cure neighbourhood, closer to downtown Florence.

23.6" x 27.5" (60cm x 70cm)
Mixed media on panel

The Via Faentina is a long winding road which connects Faenza, through the Apennine Mountains and a few dozen towns, to Florence. Compared to other streets, it isn't the sexiest but it is historic. It was the northern pilgrimage route through the mountains into Florence, and so it's dotted with religious shelters and refuges, some going as far back as a thousand years.

The street is irregular and narrow, seemingly untouched by the rationalizing forces of modern city planning, making it a bottleneck for traffic and just barely passable by buses at some points, which all makes for a daily adventure of transporting the kids to school

Because they are so much of the experience, it was important for me to depict the vehicles in the piece, and hopefully bring out some of the action and angst.