Event at the Sangalli Institute

The other night we attended an event at the Sangalli Institute in Piazza San Firenze, one of the oldest squares in Firenze. Beneath our feet though no longer visible, once stood the Roman Amphitheatre and Temple of Isis, among other things.

The event was to mark the first anniversary of the Sangalli Institute, whose mandate it is to promote interfaith dialogue, and included brief talks by spiritual leaders of the three monotheistic religions, an interfaith dinner, and presentations by research grant recipients, including our own spirited and hardworking Aitana Guia, fellow extraordinaire at the Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute.

With a few of my paintings placed strategically around the venue, I played the opportunist and wallflower, hanging off to the sides and taking it all in.

This shot made it into the Corriere Fiorentino. Get out the magnifying glass and you may be able to see one of my paintings on the wall behind everyone.

At one point, I looked up at the frescoed ceiling and spotted this detail, which got my mind racing about the artist, the chemicals that were in their system and the air they were breathing at that time.

This detail was even trippier.

I don't know how old the fresco is but old enough it was professionally restored.

At the end of the evening someone complimented me on my paintings but said Tuscany was a hard sell for contemporary art. Who would figure from this ceiling.

The proud paintings will remain up for one more event, the Premio Boccaccio, a literary prize that was awarded last year to the Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa.