I am vulnerable

"I am vulnerable"
Acrylic on canvas
36" x 48"

Mark Kingwell's essay "All Show: Justice and the City," in Unruly Voices: Essays on Democracy, Civility and the Human Imagination (2012) provoked this latest painting.
Though a city in pursuit of glory may neglect justice, the opposite does not hold: a truly just city is always a glorious one, because it allows greatness even as it looks to the conditions of strangeness posed by the other. It does not oppose development, including grandiose development, for the sake of some cramped sense of its own modesty; but it does demand, over and over, that all development be, at some level, in the service of everyone. Such a city starts with you, on the street, lifting your gaze and looking...into the face of that person passing. This urban gaze is not male, or female; it is not casual or demeaning; it is not totalizing, it is liberating. It is the gaze that recognizes, in the other, a fellow citizen, which is to say one who has vulnerabilities, desires, and ideas just as you do.


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