Miniature in the Mail #12: "Corn at the concerto"

"Corn at the concerto" (MitM #12)
5" x 5"
Oil on masonite
A few weeks ago I caught an outdoor concert that digressed into a Fourth of July rerun, rather than the celebration of a new university year, as was billed.

It started with a too passionate crooning of the national anthem (though I'm starting to think that's just par) and was followed up by performances of the Great American Songbook, by music majors who were as smiley and eager for affection as greeters at a Disneyland audition. Then the president of the university got up and danced around, bobbing to and fro and talking into a broken mic while large screens zoomed in. You couldn't hear the words but you could make out, great, great, our university is great!

Following the performance was a firework display put on by the Mighty Ducks, the hockey team.

All the while, a frontier of food trucks thrummed and glowed nearby. I caught this woman ordering corn before the fun began, so giddy with the thought of sinking her teeth in and being serenaded she could barely walk.

So, no, I haven't lost my east-coast cynicism.

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