Miniature in the Mail #16: "Silver Lining"

"Silver Lining," 5" x 5", oil on panel
"I hurry 'bout shame and I worry 'bout a worn path // And I wander off, just to come back home"

Those milky lyrics from Bon Iver's 00000 Million cut deeper than I'm sure my experience, but still hint at the mood of today's miniature, something serene and easygoing, for a Monday.

What doesn't appear in the frame is the long and strained trip we took as a family by car into the far-off mountains, which proceeded this sight. As newbies to California, the idea was to get out and experience something rarer, truer, out, way out of the city and traffic and 'burbs, where there's hardly anyone. We were told we had to do it, and we did, and, yes, it was beautiful. But then, too, back at home, unplanned, we step out the door and walk into this, just as beautiful, the street momentarily barren.

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