Miniature in the Mail #28: "Made in the Shade"

"Made in the Shade," 5x5in., oil on masonite

All right, my 28th mini, two people conversing on a bench under a tree.

They're talking about insults to minorities, sexual assault, inciting violence at rallies, refusing to pay taxes, the birther movement...and the first mom becoming president instead. And they're talking about the harsh crackdown on protestors in North Dakota and grossly incongruous leniency awarded to two gun-slinging fake cowboys in Oregon for occupying a wildlife refuge and damaging historical artifacts belonging to the local Paiutes.

Then again, maybe they're not saying anything, and it's just the simple pleasure of recuperating in the shade, like two two hyenas off the open savanna for a bit.

It may not seem it but I worked the colours and flow of paint hard, and had to take more liberties than I normally might.

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Have a thumping Thursday, my people!