Miniature in the Mail #34: "Brutalist"

"Brutalist," 5x5in., oil on masonite

Concrete poetry, or just concrete, concrete, and more concrete?

It came out of the social engineering of Le Corbusier, the stylings of Nazi bunkers, and primitivism. It wasn't meant to be pretty, but brutal and bloodyminded. Think the old Soviet Bloc and industrial machinery sculpted in concrete. Think many a modern high-rise tenement, metro station, government ministry, and student residence.

From my hometown, McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph

If you can handle more images, Fuck Yeah Brutalism has 'em. Or head outside and walk around. Better yet, drive around, the way it was meant to be appreciated.

Love it or hate it, brutalism is on the landscape and here to stay, bullying the eye.

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