Miniature in the Mail #41: "Park"

"Park," 5x5in., collage and oil on masonite

My badass kid has been coming home fired up about synonyms, antonyms, and homophones these days, not to mention parks, ones with monkey bars.

A quick look in the dictionary shows that, indeed, the concept park has been an "enclosed preserve for beasts" since 1260. In 1663 it became more precisely a "lot in or near a town, for public recreation."

But what about park in the sense of the verb to station, to park your car in the car park? One meaning stems from the old German pferch, a "fold for sheep." Convincing.

There's also industrial park, where big machines go to play, said my kid smartly sagaciously (thanks thesaurus).

For this alluring vision of one variety of park, uncannily emptied out, and for more mini paintings like it, take a gander at