Miniature in the Mail #45: "For the grebes"

"For the grebes," 5x5in., oil on masonite

Brought the kids for a hike at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park a few weeks ago and came across this rare Southern California finding, a lake, called Barbara's Lake. You could hear the highway in the distance and it was mostly dry, but still. An info sign said it was home to bulrush, cattails, willows, mallards, and grebes. I had no idea what a grebe was (a duck that likes to dive) but I'm sure I saw them out there and I love their name. They deserve respect.

Ditto for Barbara Stuart Rabinowitsh, for whom the lake was named. I looked her up. She was a greenbelt environmentalist whose activism hindered the Irvine Co., known for its private planned cities, from constructing 3,000 houses, a golf course, and other facilities on the coastal wilderness habitat.

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