"Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Mini No. 48)

"Bridge Over Troubled Water," 5x5in., oil on masonite

$125 USD + $10 shipping and handling

Last week for the first time, I cycled along the Santa Ana River, a watercourse that cuts through four counties of dense urban space and spills out into the Pacific. During the summer and fall it was bone dry, but now it has a trickle of water and that has drawn an incredible array of wildlife, seemingly overnight.

This one spot drew my attention: sterile warehouses, wires, signs of construction, a mysterious tunnel with some stealth graffiti, paranoid concrete reinforcement, a decent pooling of water, and ducks, of all things. Other determined and plucky waterfowl I spotted included pelicans, egrets, cormorants, black birds, herons, and gulls.

Though it doesn't feel it round here, today is the first day of winter. Happy Winter Solstice!

I also wanted to mention that I made it into the local paper, the Fullerton Observer. Check it out. I'm on page 14.

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