Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

"Nostalgia isn't what it used to be," acrylic, oil, spray, collage, graphite, and Styrofoam dust on birch panel

Here's a depiction of the Santa Ana River, part of my series on California.

A paved path runs along the river for miles and is great for cycling. You get lots of change-ups of landscape, varying from the most industrial and concrete to lush and packed with wildlife.

I cycle through and the thought that runs through my head, like an earworm, is the landscape tries, it really does.

A side note: It's getting wild in the world and I'm finding it difficult to concentrate onor justify doingart, among other things. Then again, I never went into art because it was relaxing but because I believe in the need for question raising and higher forms of beauty. I just learned that Shostakovich, the great Russian conductor, played on with just 14 starving artists, his Seventh Symphony, while the Nazis decimated Leningrad around him during WWII...

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