February 15, 2017

Latest in "Walls" series, "Bouncing off the Walls"

"Bouncing off the Walls," 36x48in., acrylic mixed media on birch panel

And back down from the pink clouds, here's a lovely romantic landscape for the morning after Valentine's, the latest addition to my "Walls" series.

I started the series a while back, sometime after our world fervor to tear walls down (Berlin Wall, the walls inside the EU) and then to re-erect them (Israeli West Bank Wall, Trump's Wall, the walls outside the EU).

Obviously, when the generals and billionaires try to jam hard barriers into the shifting, dynamic ground, which we inherited jointly and for which the most rightful and natural state of affairs should be to share that land in equal parts, rather than isolate and defend it from others, kooky stuff happens.  Even, sometimes, artful stuff.

For more on the "huh?" and the "whah?" of the series, check out http://www.ivanostocco.com/walls.php.

Have a great Wednesday!

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