Bouncing off the Walls

36" x 48", mixed media on birch panel

Here's a lovely romantic landscape for the morning after Valentine's, the latest addition in my Walls series.

I started the series a while back, sometime after the world fervor to tear walls down (i.e. the Berlin Wall, the barriers inside of the European Union, etc.) and the current effort to throw them back up (i.e. the Israeli West Bank Wall, Trump's Wall, the walls around the perimeter of the EU, etc.).

Initially, it was the aesthetics alone I was interested in, but the idea of walls has begun to take on new political meaning, I fear, and I don't think this painting here will be the last you hear of them from me.

New! I've made a few 18" x 24" reproductions of this painting. You can purchase one here via Paypal.

$75 USD + $5 shipping and handling