Latest out of the studio: "Thick and Thin"

"Thick and Thin," 30x20in., oil on aluminum

I've had a sheet of aluminum mounted on support bars kicking around my various studios for a few years now, and the other day I finally got around to doing something with it.

It probably looks different from the outside but pumping out art can be draining and dull at times, especially when it comes time to hunkering down for shows.  It's like any work, but for art in particular, where it's all about freshness and novelty, repetition can degenerate into a real suffocating fog if you aren't careful.

And so, my constant artsy-fartsy's need to break from routine, screw around with different ideas, and try new things. This painting, my first in straight oil on aluminum (the experiment doesn't have to be a revolution), painted itself, tout de suite, while I mostly danced to headphone music.

Now I'm all fired up again for more.

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