Latest in "Walls" series, "Do a Good Turn"

"Do a Good Turn," 36x48in., acrylic, spray, collage, sawdust, and oil on birch panel

A happy start of the week to you. And this painting, "Do a Good Turn," the latest in my "Walls" series, to set the tone.

I ran a lot on the weekend, including a half-marathon in the city of Redlands, meaning I had time to zone out and think, my version of meditation. 

Jobs and economies about which we think most of the time are made by buying and selling stuff, working for others under the threat that one's livelihood is yanked away, and generally focusing on the self. Communities, on the other hand, which I believe we yearn for but often take for granted and undernourish, depend on a conflicting outlook: a thousand unmeasurable and unremunerated good deeds, acts of reciprocity, and cooperation, risked often among strangers rather than comfortable acquaintances.

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