Latest out of the studio: "Fairy Trail"

"Fairy Trail," 24x24in., oil on aluminum

I try not to do sappy pieces but despite my best effort that's how this dude, I reckon, came out. Which has me troubled. Am I softening? Selling out? Caving in to the market for cheese? Letting the California of the booster seep in? Escaping from the real world into romanticism?

I should say I knew I was starting with questionable source imagery. But I thought, in the grand tradition of artists who can take just about anything and make it edgy, I'd try the same. So rather than canvas I worked on aluminum, an industrial material. And I tried even more unconventional tools than normal: branches, sandpaper, off-cuts of wood. I also worked with not just paint but different solvents.

Still, this, such a far cry from grimy, frenetic New York City to which I was whisked off and explored au flâneur for the first time hours after completing the painting.

Shot I took of the Bowery from the Manhattan Bridge on Sunday.

Incidentally, I'm breaking a cardinal rule, one my elementary school principal, Mr. Simpson, taught me when he detained me over lunch and made me write in the front lobby of the school like a bad piece of performance art, "I will not say bad things about my art," a hundred times over.

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