In the Abstract (No. 9)

"In the Abstract (No. 9)," 8x8in., mixed media on panel

There's a pool and hot tub in the complex of condos in which we live and being from the north and knowing what a winter is really like, we take full advantage of it.

It's shared among a couple hundred units and a duck and goose or two, depending on how the turf is currently divvied up out in the animal world. These days the alpha territory-holder is this guy. He doesn't like when we arrive because, despite the sign-posts he discharges all over the deck, he knows he's going to get chased out with a long pole used to fish debris out of the pool.

He quacks and quacks and then finally flies away. But the second we're back out the gate on our way home, he swoops back in and floats contentedly in his Club Med.

This weekend is the San Diego Artwalk, an icebreaker for me in the U.S. I'm madly scrambling to get ready, and a little nervous.

This painting and others I will be bringing to San Diego are available at