The Coarse Sugar of Memory

"The Coarse Sugar of Memory," mixed media on panel, 24x24in.

A final piece for this weekend's San Diego Artwalk.

You can see I'm still milking my recent trip to New York.

Little Art Purist Monkey Me: Okay, but why? You don't live or have any connection to New York. You've only seen films, read books, and taken in the lore.

Be Kind To Yourself Me: I'm trying to squeeze more out of my experiences and go beyond merely consuming life.

LARM: Dude, maybe you're just making a pretty picture.

BKTYM: Not pretty, beautiful. Something that will hold the test of time and provoke some thinking.

LARM: Yeah, sure. We all know New York has cache and resonance and you know someone will be interested in the painting simply because it's New York. In other words, you're throwing the net wide and pandering to the market.

BKTYM: Well, I can't save the world with one painting, can I?

LARM: You can do your middle-class part, rather than capitulate.

BKTYM: Look, monkey, why don't you beat it.

LARM: Oh, that's convenient. Like the people shouting fake news, turn me off when the facts arrive.

BKTYM: More like turn you off when you impede the work at hand, as a much an instinctual process as a critical one.

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