Plein air contest in Albalat dels Tarongers

This past weekend I participated in another painting contest, this time in the village of Albalat dels Tarongers, near Valencia.  It started at 9am and finished for a big group lunch of paella and beer at 1:30pm.  No luck winning a prize, but I had more fun than normal and I was totally relaxed painting in a bush away from the crowds, despite crazy burrs that got into my socks and pesky flies I think liked the smell of my paint.

Here I am.
My neighbour, Miguel, who took the first prize.
The scene.
My finished piece. 100cm x 81cm, acrylic on wood panel.

Next weekend will be my last weekend of pintura rápida before we return to L.A.  There's a lot lined up and I hope to go out on a bang.

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