L.A. to Toronto Roadtrip Notes: Day 3, Bryce Canyon

No campsites in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, so we camp 17 miles away in a forest accessible by a bad dirt road. City cars like ours are not made for bad dirt roads.

We're now 7,500 feet up and it feels alpine. We explore a nearby lake and catch a frog, see investment bankers leeches, spot trout along the shoreline, watch a muskrat swim, and spot a group of wild turkeys. Unattended cows also roam about and moo across the lake at us.

Earlier, we hit on a good idea: ice, at gas stations, but it takes us three stops before we find beer. Oh yeah, this is Mormon country.

Overnight the temperature drops from the mid-30s to 7. We get up frozen at 5:30 with the birds and mooing cows and put on all of our clothes in big layered blobs.

Have I mentioned that we brought Fandango, our pet crayfish? I pop the lid on his container. He's been out all night under a tree and is now, unusually for him, upside down. I poke him and he waves in slow motion with his tail.

An  hour later, we’re back in the car and headed for Bryce Canyon, first in line when the gate opens.


  1. i am so enjoying these stories and pics. i have an artist here eagerly awaiting a reunion with his best pal!
    see you road trippers soon!

    1. See you soon! We're heading into Nebraska tomorrow, so getting closer every day.


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