October 25, 2009

Shirley Dilworth Jaychuk Competition: Thank You

I want to thank everyone involved with the Shirley Dilworth Jaychuk Competition at the Elora Centre for the Arts - Shirley Dilworth Jaychuk and her family, the Centre and its volunteers, the sponsors, Barry McCarthy, the Fergus-Elora News Express, the participating artists, and the community of Elora - for a wonderful experience. Thank you for the opportunity of a collective exhibition in a beautiful venue, for the food and drink, the kind words, and all your very thoughtful, hard work.

The Elora Centre of the Arts has photos of the awards ceremony on its website and Francis Baker at the Fergus-Elora News Express wrote an article about it.

The exhibition of selected paintings runs till November 15.

October 15, 2009

Metcalfe St.

Metcalfe Street in Elora, Ontario. 100 x 81 cm, mixed media on panel.

October 12, 2009

A Few Experiments in Abstraction

Here are some abstracts I did with leftover canvases and paint. They were fun experiments in composition and colour.

I think this was the most successful. Somehow it reminds me of broken steps - the steps into Lex Luthor's ice palace maybe, after Superman destroys it.

Painting no-no's number one, putting the focus in the centre, kind of. It wasn't deliberate.

Ahh, paradise, or is it music, or a satellite dish, or a GMO? The best part is the texture, but you can't really make it out in the photo.

A little too random and uncontrolled. I tried and tried to get something out of it - meaning, inspiration, a sense of harmony - but it didn't come. Oh well.