Figments from Hank Willis Thomas

A good interview with Hank Willis Thomas in the March issue of Juxtapoz.
  • Many people don't get contemporary art because they're walking into a thousand-year conversation at the last second. You hear the last word of a book and you aren't going to really get it.
  • One of the things hardest about San that there's so much talent and creativity going on people are so intensely afraid of selling out that they either don't have the motivation to push their work to the next level or they're too stubborn. They'd rather their 500 friends know that they're the shit then have the world be affected by their work and be considered a sellout or have their authenticity diluted. Because it's diluted by the mainstream... Shepard is selling out. But when you sell out it's at what cost? Because now he has much greater power in his voice than he ever would if he had just stayed in his college kid, hipster, cool community. He could affect them, but they already know. So how do you impact people who are totally different? You sell out.