Studio Renos

We've been back in Guelph for a month now and as with most moves, we've done mostly bureaucratic, reproductive work. What's made matters worse is I've been scrambling to finish some structural work in my studio before the cold sets in. Of course, it's taking longer than expected.

Here you have a view of the injured studio from the outside, complete with patches over the once windows and a pile of rubbish which never goes away no matter how many runs to the dump I do.

The view from the alleyway that runs beside our house.

Yikes, the inside.

Reinforcing crossties in the ceiling, soon to be turned into an attic. Shortly the stairs and floor will be thrown down.

And some leftover bounty from the garden. Garden, but weren't you away in Spain, you say? We got great neighbours.

Fall setting in behind our house.

Handsome trees.

The Eramosa River.