Fast Painting in Algemesí and Ibi

Two painting contests this weekend, on Saturday in Algemesí and on Sunday in Ibi. My piece in Algemesí was given an honorary mention ("seleccionado") and sold privately to a museum director and my piece in Ibi won third place.

"Algemesí," mixed media on panel, 89cm x 116cm

The crowd in Algemesí, squeezing me out of the picture.  Amazing how fired up people can get about a few splashes of colour when its their town.

"Ibi," mixed media on panel, 89cm x 116cm


  1. Greetings from Guelph, Ontario! Just stumbled back onto your blog. Awesome work, and I'm glad you had that private sale. What is the rough population of these two towns? And how are sales generally this year in Spain?

  2. Hey Bob! Algemesi and Ibi are both around 30,000. That particular weekend I sold my piece in Algemesi and won a third place in Ibi, altogether enough money to pay for a few months of rent and supplies for a while.

    Of course, not all weekends go as well. This year, so far, I'd say I've been lucky. I've won three prizes. However, generally, less people are buying and the prize money at contests, as well as the number of contests, is dropping.

    Great to hear from you!


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